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Hello guys!

I wanted to upload something to update ya'll. It's basic and not special. It didn't take me long but I still hope you like it.
This vid, it's theme & song is supposed to reflect my feelings at the moment. No, I'm not heartbroken haha

Well. A few weeks ago they diagonzed my grandma with cancer...again. She is very important to me. She basically raised me. I feel the urge to be with her a lot. To that my uncle needs a new liver. Without a new one he might die. That affected myself emotionally more than I expected. Also...my parents are about to break up and...I saw it long coming but it's still so incredibly hard to me. I lived with them the whole 18 years of my childhood. My siblings are all underage and I really didn't wanted them to go through this. My mother's family destroyed my parents relationship so much. We also have huge financial problems. (I was glad my grandma saved money for me until my 18th birthday)
Since several weeks I didn't edited any happy themed video/collab part because I can't take seeing people happy while I'm unhappy with my whole life. It's really hard for me to do anything vidding related right now in general. Especially collab parts. I'm so sorry if I still owe you a collab part or haven't responded to messages I just try to stay away from media for my own wellbeing. Even on Instagram I took a step back cause I felt not good being online. I'm also preparing for school again. After a long break I'm happy I got accepted for a media design school which focuses on editing. I basically get to study what my hobby is since 2015!

A shoutout goes to my good friends online who listen to me when I'm not fine. They know if they'll read it. Even if we haven't wrote in a while.
But especially Gina aka SparksOfHeaven, she is an amazing human being. So caring and humorous. She is ALWAYS there for me WHENEVER I need her. And I can't thank her enough for this.

#fanvidfeed #Crossover #Multicrossover

Fandoms: ask
Song: in the video
Coloring: mine
Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13

HD and small screen for better entertainment!


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