JCB के खुदाई की वीडियो क्यों हो रही सोशल मीडिया पर वायरल | JCB Ki Khudayi Video & Memes | Trending


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It seems anything and everything can become a trending topic on social media with love for memes a part of our daily lives. The latest sensation on the web is the good old JCB machine which is dominating the space in the virtual world. Yes, if Twitter is buzzing with the hash tag #JCBKiKhudayi, the search engines are flooded with keywords such as - JCB Memes, JCB Ki Khudai memes, JCB Ki Khudai video, JCB Machine Memes, JCB Ki Khudai meme why, JCB Ki Khudai meme viral, JCB Ki Khudai what is it, JCB Ki Khudai viral news, JCB Ki Khudai troll, JCB Ki Khudai trending, JCB Ki Khudai news in Hindi and so on. Flooded with memes and posts, it does seem like we Indians love creativity. With the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 over, along with Avengers: Endgame, Game of Thrones also coming to an end, there was a lull for a few days until someone with ample time on their hand turned his focus on this excavation machinery. However odd it may look; the people are having a good laugh about it. So, what exactly made ‘JCB Ki Khudayi’ trend on Twitter is not yet known. It could stem from the fact that a simple video of a JCB machine removing rubble has attracted millions of views. Yes, you read that right. It is also a pretty common sight for crowds in India surround a digging work undertaken by authorities. We also have at some point of time in our lives kept all our work aside to devote all our attention to it. So, we all appreciate the funny side of this story and this nostalgic feeling is making JCB trend.

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