Liberal RAG Daily Beast DOXXES Private Citizen Over Pelosi Video!


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The Daily Beast faced a heavy backlash on social media Sunday after one of its reporters was accused of doxxing a private citizen who allegedly created a manipulated video that falsely portrays House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. as if she were intoxicated and posted it on Facebook.

Daily Beast reporter Kevin Poulsen tweeted Saturday night that he had been "looking for the Russian troll behind the 'Drunk Pelosi' viral video hoax. Turns out he's an itinerant forklift operator from the Bronx who's been secretly running hard-right ‘news’ outlets across social media for years. Also, not Russian."

The tweet included a link to a story that identified the man by name and detailed his employment history, past relationships and social media footprint. The sub-headline of the story described the man as "a sports blogger from the Bronx [who is] currently on probation for domestic battery."

The article initially included a picture of the man, but that had been removed from the story as of Sunday night.

The three-minute clip of a May 22 Pelosi speaking event at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank, was uploaded on Facebook by a group called "Politics WatchDog." The video shows her frequently slurring her words and her voice sounding garbled. Copies of the clip had also been found on Twitter and YouTube, which the latter had removed.


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